Yeah. //dies

I started it up earlier for the first time in a while, and after it had started up and everything it tells me its applying update operation 403 of 403. o.o It took almost an hour to scan, too. :o

Dad has more work to do later on, so I figured Id do this now, before I got kicked off, aha. xD 

I dont know how long I have to write here today, so I think Im going to save all my explaining for tomorrow, ahaha. 030 Sorryyy.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I had this dream, and in this dream I met this guy who turned out to be pretty cool. :3 I actually kind of wish he was an actual person, because he seems like the sort of guy Id be friends with, aha. xD Has this ever happened to any of you guys? 

I might make him into a character- Ive given him the name Adriell for now, because I cant remember what name he had in my dream. uvu Ill probably make him a form sometime soon, but I dunno when, aha. xD //shot

Ive realized I havent talked about Andy here in a really long time, but I dont really have a specific reason to not talk about him. .3. Except for the fact that we havent talked to each other in almost four months because hes pretty much never on dA anymore, and when he is he either doesnt respond to anyone or he just responds to one person. ;u; I miss him a bunch, ehh. Hopefully he replies to me soon, Im really hoping he will before it actually hits four months. 030 -shrugs-

Ive been watching a little bit of Steven Universe with Nick, too. xD Ive seen like four episodes, aha. Nicks been watching them during lunch the past two days, and hes been giving me one of his headphones so I can watch it too. :3 I like it so far, and I think I might start watching it on my own if I get the chance! :D

I also figured out I have until Tuesday to get my French and Social Studies projects done, so thats good. owo Ill probably start working on them tomorrow or Sunday, and Ill start putting stuff on the bristol board for my French project on Sunday or Monday, depending on what time I have and what I feel like doing, aha. xD -shot-

Anyway, I just got called up to supper, so Im going to get off for tonight. ^^

Ill be on again tomorrow! :D 

Bye guys! ewe